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Program: Refurbishment of a Terraced property
Location: 15 Basing Street. London. UK
Author: David Money Architects
Description: Refurbishment of a four storey terraced property. Conversion of 3no. flats back into a single dwelling house.
Due to the bad state of the house, part of the structure was demolished and a steel new one placed. Most of the timber joists were maintained, some of them being reinforced.

The basement has a concrete screed, where the kitchen and dining area are located. This basement has a double height leading to a small courtayard. All this wall is glazed in order to  achieve as much light as possible. The living room is located in the Ground floor and three bedrooms in the first and second floors.

Maintaining the existing massing, an small extension, cladded in tiles, is proposed.

Role: Architectural design & drawings. Site management
Date: February 2014 - August 2014
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