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Program: Bar restaurant in Ondarreta beach
Location: Ondarreta beach. San Sebastian. Spain
Author: María Chocarro. ESTAUN Navarra. Spain
Description: The project is based on a continous wavy section, establishing two different entrances in both of the levels, the one on the beach and the other on the boulevard. This is because of the need to be used over the summer as well as the winter. The relationship between both of the entrances is made by stairs into the land.

There are 4 ribs which distribute the space, the two in the middle, are oblique, opening the views to the sea. The bar-restaurant is located in the middle of them, and in both sides the kitchen the bathrooms, changing rooms for the employees, stores etc.

The front of the construction facing the sea is a glass façade because of its orientation, endowing the building with fabulous views.

Role: Architectural design & drawings
Date: 2009
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